Asked Questions

Does Morgan car wear offer leather interiors for all cars?

Our product line is comprehensive and is constantly expanding. We offer over 2,500 vehicle applications for virtually all mid-market vehicles on the road today.

Is this product a seat covers that I can install myself?

No, these are not seat covers. This is a complete interior transformation. A Morgan authorized professional installer will remove all of the cloth from the seats and replace it with a new leather interior, complete with door panels and console covering (depending upon the vehicle). A good rule of thumb: if it has cloth on it, we will replace that cloth with leather.

Is Morgan covered with a warranty?

In most instances

Will leather add value to my car?

If given a choice, most consumers prefer leather. Leather not only provides visual appeal and comfort, but also has tremendous practical value due to ease of clean up and maintenance

How should I care for my new interior?

Our leathers have received a protective treatment during the tanning process, which will protect the grain from the soiling and staining of everyday use.

For Spots and Spills: Blot excess liquid immediately with a clean absorbent cloth or sponge. If necessary, use clear, lukewarm water and gently wipe spill. If water is used, clean the entire area where the spill occurred. Dry with a clean towel and allow to air dry. Do not dry wet areas with heat dryers, hair dryers, etc. as this will damage the leather.

What are all of my options for my new leather interior?

For the best answer on all the ways to customize your vehicle, we recommend calling or visiting your local Morgan restyling professional. If you have not yet chosen a restyling.

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