Our Services

We know how important your Vehicle is to you,
which is one of the reasons we only use the very finest
materials when upholstering the interior of your vehicle.

We offer a bespoke service with a wide choice of colours,
trim types and stitching options, which combined with our
very experienced and highly specialized team means that we
offer a tailored upgrade for your vehicle dedicated to give you
exactly what you want for your vehicle.



We are able to deliver new, even better quality for your cars.
We take pride in the fact that on a day-to-day basis we manage
a team of highly talented people, implementing complex
and technically difficult projects created by our fellow designers.


Boat interiors can face extreme weather conditions
like sun and moisture that cause the upholstery to crack,
erode, and even fade away. In fact, your boat’s interior
and upholstery will usually be the first thing to fall apart,
so maintaining your boat upholstery often will extend
the years of enjoyment and worth of your marine vehicle.



We turn individual ideas and dreams into reality. A variety
of rhombs, trimmings, sewing techniques, material colors
create virtually unlimited possibilities for each and every vehicle.
We believe in the perfection of every, even the smallest
detail and their skillful combination into a harmonious whole.


If the leather in your aircraft is in need of touch-up,
repair or replacement, there’s no one better to turn to than
Morgan Interiors. We select only the finest hides for
the luxurious interiors of our clients’ aircraft. Before making
our selection, we inspect stock and material from
several vendors.We service smaller general aviation
aircraft to larger commercial aircraft.



We are engaged in design of unconventional interiorsand details,
and subsequently their implementation in order to create
a cohesive and mature design combined with the highest
precision of performance. We have all the required tools
at our disposal, to make sure that the whole process
of creating of a new interior takes place in one location.

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